goes beyond savings and loans… In stints of adversity, it is Paglaum’s way to help the community;  Frontliners and Paglaum Coop Members.  Paglaum express care through giving goodies consisting of biscuits, candies,  beverages as well as face shields and disinfectants for protection.  Financial cash assistance is also extended to Healthcare Workers to provide them with PPEs. Paglaum has also  provided sustenance for our brave men at checkpoints.  Paglaum lives its mission to constantly care for its Members.  Paglaum aids are through different forms. Some are through  rice distribution, releasing insurance claims despite the  institution’s temporary closure. Paglaum is on standby and can be  reached anytime through their Facebook Page and  published hotline numbers.  Unpretending righteousness shows in terms of difficulty and Paglaum mirrors the values that the Cooperative has the heart to help.   PAGLAUM Multi Purpose Cooperative PAGLAUM Trusts the  Filipino Spirit… The Head Office Personnel, the Paglaum Plaridel Branch Staff and FLGC III  (Farm Level Grains Center) team joint forces in the cause of rice distribution.  Let us all be United to uplift everyone to carry on and never give up! We hope that in our little way, we were  able to play our part in flattening the  curve and supporting those who are  needed in the front lines.  Daghang salamat! Paglaum helps our FRONTLINERS by giving them tools to protect  themselves In this time of need, we made sure to  provide the best service that we could offer to  our members and frontliners. Daghang salamat  sa makanunayong pag-timbayayongay,  members ug frontliners of  Dipolog, Zamboanga del Norte. Empathy is within Paglaum we feed  we help and we provide Karon ang panahon sa lig-on na panaghiusa  ug pagtinabangay. Daghang salamat,  Frontliners of Liloy, Zamboanga del Sur Paglaum helps FRONTLINERS by giving them tools to protect themselves Ang Paglaum kanunay  andam mosuporta sa kalihokan alang  sa kaayohan sa tanan. Daghang salamat,  Molave Zamboanga del Sur Frontliners Unity is Valued in Paglaum  we are in this fight together. Every role we play in this time of  crisis is critical. Make sure to support  the battle by supporting our frontliners.  Daghang salamat, frontliners of  Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte. Paglaum continues to be the hope of the community. Making sure that our members receive their  rice allocation during this crisis.  Also, expressing our support to  our frontliners of Siquijor. Empathy is within Paglaum we feed, we help and we provide. Times like this really shows that the  Spirit of Cooperativism is what  we all need. By supporting one another,  we are doing our part in fighting COVID-19.  Daghang salamat, frontliners of Tangub City  Paglaum helps our FRONTLINERS by giving them tools to protects themselves. A little help goes a long way. Thank you very much  to the Frontliners of Tudela, Misamis Occidental.  Paglaum helps our FRONTLINERS by giving them tools to protect themselves. Paglaum Multi Purpose Cooperative All rights reserved 2020.
We help through COOPERATION