To contribute to the empowerment of the members and community in improving their own lives thru the provision of quality cooperative services and programs.


The PMPC, guided by the Almighty God, is a stable, progressive and trusted cooperative. A resource for economic, political, and social development of the members, anchored in its concern for community development, environment, and human equality.



We work with competence towards a variable and sustainable organization.

We work hard with minimal supervision and teamwork to deliver the best services.

We work with sincerity, transparency and fear in God.

We deliver our services adopting new approaches towards positve change.

Regular Savings
  • Open to all regular, PDP-LP, and associate member
  • Open account for at least P100.00
  • Bears with a competitive interest of 3% per annum
  • Open account of P500.00 free of passbook and qualify to earn interest
  • No monthly charges if no transaction made
  • A P20.00 charge in case of close account
  • Withdrawable from Monday to Friday during official banking hour
ATM Savings Deposit
  • Open to regular and associate member
  • Initial opening deposit requirement: a.)Regular Savings – P 200; b.)Payroll Account – P 100
  • Maintaining Balance: (Non-withdrawable): a.)Regular Savings – P 200; b.)Payroll Account – P 100
  • Maximum withdrawable per day – P 50,000
  • Maximum withdrawable amount per transaction –P 10,000
Youth/Kiddie Savings
  • Open to zero (0) to eighteen (17) years old
  • Accepts opening deposit of at least P20.00
  • Free of passbook upon reaching P100.00
  • Bears interest of 3% per annum upon reaching P500.00
  • No monthly charge if no transaction made
  • A P20.00 charge in case of closing account
Time Deposit
  • Open to all regular, CUMI, and associate member
  • Minimum amount for this account is P1,000
  • Minimum term is three (3) months and a maximum term of one year no withholding tax
  • Bears and interest rate from 4.5% to 7.5% per annum base on the amount placed depends upon the bracket amount and term
  • Renewable upon maturity, interest can be withdrawn monthly
  • In case of withdrawal of TD before maturity, its interest rate will be based on regular savings rate
  • Interest rate is computed daily and posting of interest is quarterly
Building Investment Fund
  • Open for Members & Non-members
  • Allows Investments as LOW as P1,000.00
  • Insurable Age 18-64 years old
  • Savings GUARANTEED to Earn @ 5% compounded annually
  • Matures in 5 Years
  • With FREE Accident Insurance & Hospitalization
Progressive Savings Deposit
  • Open to all regular, CUMI, and associate member
  • It is a lay away savings deposit
  • Target a certain amount of savings with a specific period of time with a specific purpose
  • It can be amortize on a daily, weekly, bi-monthly & monthly installment
  • Withdrawable only upon reaching the 50% target amount allowable withdrawal is only 50% of amount contributed
  • It bears interest of 4% per annum regardless of balance net
  • No monthly charge if no transaction made
  • Only P20.00 charge in case of closing account
  • Transferrable to Time Deposit upon reaching the 100% target.
Regular Loan
  • Productive Purpose
  • Loanable Amount : Capacity Based
  • Interest Rate: 2% per month
  • Flexible Term : With min. of 3mos., max.of 2 yrs.
  • Mode of Payment: Daily, weekly, semi-monthly & monthly
Medal Pangnegosyo
  • Commercial Purpose or additional capital for business
  • Loanable Amount : Min of P 1,000 & max of P5,000.00
  • Interest Rate: 2/mo add-on
  • Flexible Term : Max of 6 months
  • Mode of Payment: Daily (150 days)
  • Weekly (24 weeks), semi-monthly & monthly
  • Service Fee – 3%
Market Vendors Assistance Loan

To finance market vendors for their additional business capital

  • Minimum Loanable amount P1,000 maximum for P10,000 subject to capacity base analysis
  • Interest Rate – 2.5%/month (prepaid)
  • Co-maker is required at least 1 and MIGS
  • Penalty of 2%/month base on amortization due
Pang-Uma Loan Program

Intended for PMPC members engaged with rice farming activity

  • Min amount of P5,000 and maximum loanable amount of P150,000
  • P25,000 per hectare for tenant (P29,000 proposed)
  • P30,000 per hectare for land owner (34,000 proposed)
  • Maximum term of 4 months for production and 1 month contingency to cover marketing support a total term of 5 months

Mode of service delivery:

  • Cash outlay – shall be released on staggered basis
  • Farm inputs – shall be released based on the time of application

Mode of payment:

  • Cash portion (20%) – amortized weekly, semi-monthly, monthly within the loan term
  • Farm inputs (80%) – lump-sum payment at the time of harvest
Barangay Official Livelihood Assistance
  • Open to all elected brgy officials for their business, livelihood and providential purpose
  • Must undergo PMES to qualify as member
  • Term is flexible min of 10 months max of 18 months
  • Interest Rate – 1.9%/mo flat rate
  • Security/Collateral: Honorarium thru MOA with the brgy council and co-maker (brgy captain and treasurer)
  • Base on the monthly honorarium but the loan amortization shall not exceed 80% of the net take home
Small Medium Enterprise Loan

To finance SME Clients for their growing enterprise

  • SME (Graduating Micros) with business assets higher than Php200,000 but not more than Php 10 million, excluding the value of land.
  • SME has been operating for at least three years, and is profitable for at least two years.
  • The SME principal owner is preferably an existing member, in good standing of the cooperative
  • Registered with the DTI; with a registered business name.
  • Can provide business records (financial statements)
  • Mode of release by tranche
Special Credit Line

To finance members for their business expansion & for providential purpose with higher capacity to pay

  • Members with large enterprise with business assets for not less than Php 10 million, excluding the value of land.
  • Business been operating for at least three years, and is profitable for at least two years.
  • With BIR registration (DTI Permit-Optional)
  • Can provide business records (financial statements)- Unaudited FS is acceptable3
  • Subject for CFA and BRR
Pension Loan
  • Providential Purpose
  • Loanable Amount : Based on the amount of pension
  • Interest Rate: 2% per month – add-on
  • Flexible Term : max of 36 months
  • Mode of Payment: Monthly
Instant Loan
  • For emergency purpose
  • Loanable Amount : 75% of his/her CBU or base on the capacity to pay
  • Interest Rate: 2% per month – prepaid
  • Flexible Term : maximum of three (3)months
  • Mode of Payment: semi-monthly or Monthly
Disconnection Loan
  • Purpose- for payment of Electricity, Water, Telephone or cable bill
  • Loanable amount –based on monthly bill
  • Interest Free
  • Term – max. of one(1) month
  • Mode of Payment – weekly, semi-monthly and monthly
  • Service of 4% but not less than P 20.00
Rice Loan
  • Purpose- for daily consumption
  • Loanable amount –max.of 1 sack
  • Interest Free
  • Term – max. of two(2) months
  • Mode of Payment – weekly, semi-monthly and monthly
  • Service of P 100.00 for 1 sack and P 50.00 for half sack
Travel & Tour
  • Open to all members who are in good standing
  • For members who want to travel (domestic / international) destinations
  • At least 1 year membership in the coop
  • Must have a CBU of at least 1/3 of the loan approved
  • Savings Deposit to maintain of not less than 5% of loan availed
  • Interest Rate: 2%/month (dim)
  • Loanable Amount: max. of P50,000
  • Maximum Term: 6 months
Phil-Health Premium Loan
  • Exclusively for payment of yearly Phil-Health Premium.
  • Intended to all coop members who are not yet enrolled in PhilHealth
  • Open to all regular & MFI members with MIGS label
  • At least not more than 60 years old at the time of the availment
  • Loanable amount = P 700 - 2,500.00
  • Term: repayment capacity but not exceeds 1 year
Micro-Housing Loan
  • Open to all regular & pdp-lp members with MIGS status
  • Must have a CBU of at least P 10,000
  • Must have an alternative source of income
  • No delinquent installment from previous & existing loan availment
  • Exclusively for housing purpose only
  • At least a member of the cooperative for 2 years
  • Maximum loanable amount of P 300,000 subject to Cash Flow Analysis
  • Maximum term of 36 months (3 years)
OFW - Overseas Filipino Worker Loan
  • Exclusively for OFW for placement fee, who wants to work abroad & livelihood project for spouses
  • Open to all MIGS member
  • Not more than 60 yrs old at the time of availment
  • Must have an alternative source of income
  • Loanable amount P 500,000 (CBL)
  • INTEREST RATE – 17% per annum (flat)
  • Must have a CBU of P5,000 & savings of 5% of loan availed
  • Must submit employment contract
CBU Loan Program
  • Available to all members
  • Must have an alternative source of income
  • Loanable amount - minimum of P10,000 up to a maximum of P100,000 subject to (CBL)
  • INTEREST RATE – 10% per annum base on diminishing balance
Spare Parts Loan
  • Purchase spare parts for vehicle/tricycle and maintenance
  • Available to all members with motorcycle
  • Loan amount maximum of P5,000
  • Maximum term of 3 months
  • Penalty of 2%/month of the unpaid amortization
Back to Back Loan
  • For emergency purpose
  • Loanable amount is equivalent to 100% of the existing savings and time deposit upon loan availment
  • Maximum term of 3 months
  • Mode of payment is monthly
  • Penalty of 2%/month of the unpaid amortization due
  • Collateral – Deed of Assignment of Deposit and TD
SEAL (Student Education Assistance Loan)
  • Primary applicant must be the student 18 yrs. old and above
  • Students ages below 18 yrs. old, the parent or guardian is the primary applicant
  • Primary applicant must be a member of PMPC
  • Both parent and co-maker must pass the cash flow analysis
  • At least passing grade is required
  • Can be offered to students from1st year in college, taking post graduate courses, and even vocational courses
  • Intended for education related expenses such as tuition fee, books, uniforms, educational trips, graduation costs & other misc. fees, licensure review & board exam

Newly recognized member can automatically apply the MMAP loan amounting to 1,650.00 or 2,400.00

Health Care Loan
  • Loan Availment on Option 2 and 3 (in place of emergency loan)
  • Loanable amount of Option 2 : Php 1,325.00 and Option 3 : Php1,500.00
  • Service Charge of Php 100.00
  • ZERO interest
  • Mode of Payment i: daily, weekly, semi-monthly & monthly

PAGLAUM MPC was organized by a group of 35 hopeful parents and workers of Paglaum Community Development Foundation, Inc. (PCDFI). With the initial capital of Php 2,000.00 pooled resources, the cooperative was established as an economic arm of the foundation and started to buy and sell Palay. The coop was registered with the Cooperative Development Authority on July 30, 1992 with Mr. Gadwin E. Handumon as its founding leader.

In 1996, PMPC reached its first P1 Million Asset. In the year 1997, Paglaum MPC constructed its first building located in Southern Looc, Plaridel. Currently, the building is now used as a training center. In year 1998, Paglaum MPC was one of the recipients of the National Food Authority (NFA) project on Farm Level Grains Center (FLGC), implemented all throughout the country, with a complete package of postharvest facility that includes rice mill, a warehouse and dryer. The grant was a recognition of the noble role that Paglaum MPC performs in uplifting the economic conditions of farmers. Palay trading became highly successful. The fair price offered by the cooperative helped farmers increase income from rice production. Presently, Paglaum MPC FLGC III is one of the few successful implementers who have sustained operations over a long period of time. In 1999, Microfinance program using the Grameen approach was launched attracting more members with micro-enterprises to the cooperative. Membership increased significantly, most women micro-entrepreneurs.

In year 2000, Automated transaction was implemented to accommodate the bulk of transaction through the Microbanking System. As the installation took place, transactions were reduced by more than half the time. Coincidentally, it was also in 2000 when the whole world was worried about the Y2K Bug, however, automation was highly-successful in Paglaum. The automation signalled coop's readiness to reach out to more members outside of Plaridel. Oroquieta City and Calamba branches were opened in 2000.

In 2001, Paglaum was selected as one of the cooperatives to receive technical assistance through the SEDCOP FI-1&2 (Socio-Economic Development through Cooperative Project Financial Intermediation) program. The program worked with coops, including Paglaum MPC in the enhancement of its systems and procedures, focusing on Financial Management, Credit Management as well as Marketing and Human Resources Management. In 2002, Paglaum MPC launched Well-Family Midwife Clinic to provide concrete support to women and children's health beyond advocacies. The clinic became a venue for child-bearing mothers to receive information on their reproductive health as well as a safer place to give birth as most rural women were used to give birth at home. In the same year, the PDP-LP (Paglaum Development Program for Landless People) first grand assembly was held and the modified Grameen approach was used.

In 2004, Savings and credit operations in Plaridel was on its peak. Hence, management decided to relocate the branch along the highway in Eastern Looc to make the coop more visible to the public. True enough, membership increase was felt faster as the branch was relocated. It was also in 2004 when the Head Office was created, utilizing the office vacated by the savings and credit operations in Southern Looc. In 2005, Tudela and Dipolog branches were opened. Paglaum Community Development Foundation Inc. (PCDFI) was appointed as Secretariat of the Philippines-Australia Community Assistance Program (PACAP) for its various programs under a Focused Community Assistance Scheme. In 2006, Paglaum MPC supported the opening of the first ice plant in Plaridel. The year also marked the expansion of Paglaum MPC in Zamboanga Del Sur with the opening of its Pagadian City Branch, through taking over the loan portfolio of the Cooperative Bank of Zamboanga Del Sur through agreements entered with the People's Credit and Finance Corporation (PCFC).

In 2007, Paglaum MPC and the province of Misamis Occidental collaboration under Governor Loreto Leo S. Ocampos was the National winner in the search for the Most Outstanding Cooperative - LGU Partnership Award. This award was a testament of the strong tied between the coop and the LGUs in the implementation of programs and services that directly benefit Misamisnons. The coop expanded in Zamboanga Del Norte through the opening of Sindangan Branch. Ozamiz Branch was also opened. Plaridel's first Automated Teller Machine (ATM) was launched through Paglaum's Pinoy Coop ATM offered by MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center. Paglaum MPC the first cooperative in Misamis Occidental to acquire the Pinoy Coop ATM.M

In 2008, Paglaum MPC embraced Social Performance Management, through engaging Planet Rating to conduct social and financial audit of the cooperative. In addition to caring for members, the coop sees another window of innovation through promoting renewable energy through the Micro-Solar project, which targets off-grid barangays, piloted was Barangay Pedagan, Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur. The rural electrification project was in partnership with the Department of Energy (DOE). Overall, Paglaum MPC recorded a total of 48 solar home systems for the 248 households that benefited from this program. Year 2009 saw the opening of the first branch in Zamboanga Sibugay, in the municipality of Liloy. It was also in 2009 when the cooperative launched its Mutual Benefit Association, Inc. (MBA). This move was triggered by the rapid growth of coop membership, which also increased rapidly the transactions for the members' mutual benefit coverage and claims. The second ATM machine was installed at Calamba Branch.

Year 2010, Paglaum MPC created the Research and Development Division or Nexgen, which specifically provides IT-based programs and systems to the cooperative. Initially, this team developed the Comprehensive Human Capital Operations System more popular known as the HRMAX. As soon as the system was successfully installed and used in Paglaum MPC, the team then offered this product to other cooperatives and institutions in the Visayas and Mindanao. In less than 2 years since NexGen was established, the team has already sold HRMAX to 10 clients. The other product that NexGen offers is the ISave Bankers System, which is very useful to the cooperatives and other financial service providers. On the other hand, the coop's Micro-Banking system, which is provided by MASS-SPECC shifted to Windows-based from the previous DOS-based system.

In 2011, General Manager Gadwin E. Handumon was unanimously elected as Chairperson of MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center, an alliance of cooperatives in Mindanao. The year started with the acquisition of PLASECO (Plaridel Service Cooperative) on January, 16. PLASECO is a local telecommunications service provider in Plaridel. To ensure continuous service of PLASECO, Paglaum MPC has taken over the management. More specifically, the month of April marked the groundbreaking ceremony of the 4-Story building of Paglaum MPCM. The building symbolizes the fulfilment of the hopes and dreams of all the members whose lives have been changed by the cooperative in one way or another. Two new loan products were developed and implemented, the Pang-Uma Loan Program (PULP) and the Student Education Assistance Loan (SEAL). The PULP is Paglaum MPC's response to the need of the farmers to access reasonable loan rates in production financing. The product was developed anchored on the Value Chain Approach. The SEAL, on the other hand is a special loan product for deserving students who woould like to pursue college or skill-based education. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved Paglaum Mutual Benefit Association's (MBA) articles of incorporation. This approval entitles Paglaum MPC to operate micro-insurance business. Further in 2011, FLGC III received an Award from the National Food Authority through the Department of Agriculture (DA) for the sustainable operations of the rice mill facility.

In the year 2012, Paglaum MPC inaugurated its 4-Story building on August 30. The new building houses the head office at the 2nd level while Plaridel Branch was relocated at the ground level. The 3rd and 4th levels serve as hostel and venue for seminars and conferences. On March 2012, the Insurance Commission's (IC) approved the MBA's license to operate micro-insurance service. And on August 8, Paglaum was awarded by the LandBank of the Philippines the prestigious Gawad Pitak Award as 3rd Runner-Up in the Pinakatanging Kooperatiba (Most Outstanding Cooperative), and was cited as Best in Environmental Protection and Management and Best in Capital Build-Up. On September 2012, Paglaum MPC acquired the Rural Bank of Plaridel (RBP). The takeover of RBP by Paglaum is seen to boost the position of the rural bank in the market, strengthening the ability of RBP to attract more clients, depositors and borrowers alike because it has the backing of a good name, and that is Paglaum.

Currently, Paglaum MPC's total asset reached Php 629 Million, serving 51,931 members in 13 locations within Misamis Occidental, Zamboanga Peninsula, and Central Visayas.



Chairperson, Board of Directors

For over 23 years filled with commitment and hopes to contribute in alleviating poverty in the community, Paglaum Multi-Purpose Cooperative withstands and upholds the mission to continually serve as well as provide reliable programs to the members and partners. I can attest the growth, challenges and opportunities of the coop since it was organized on 1992. It started with genuine and joint efforts of the parents’ beneficiaries to sustain their livelihood until it was immensely campaigned to various sectors, civic groups and to the people to spread the values, disciplines and opportunities of PMPC.

The year witnessed how PMPC cares for the IPs, fisherfolks, farmers, micro-entrepreneurs, women, men, children, management and staff and to the Board of Directors. It admittedly never stops doing some good innovations for them. In fact, this year, there is a big break for the members as it launched the agricultural development program, business development service and financial literacy. This was initiated to support and eventually to reach an economically profitable, socially equitable and an environmentally sound society.

PMPC has contributed a lot in terms of employment generation in the areas where it operates. We forged partnership with LGUs, National Line Agencies, NGOs, other Cooperatives and Banks to have a unified effort in scaling up the quality of life of the people.

It is my utmostgratitude to all the partners and members who supported us and I am proud to congratulate PMPC for the success and remarkable accomplishments 2014 and for its 23rd General Assembly



General Manager

“What business entrepreneurs are to the economy, social entrepreneurs are to social change. They are the driven, creative individuals who question the status quo, exploit new opportunities, refuse to give up, and remake the world for the better” says David Bornstein.

Cooperative is a social enterprise built to be able to help people help themselves- economically, socially, politically, empowering people to become financially independent. In the advent of the ASEAN integration, cooperative should be abreast with innovations putting in mind how their members could cope up with the changes.

I am proud to say that our cooperative, Paglaum Multi Purpose Cooperative has lived up to being a social enterprise, for more than two decades the institution never stops doing something good for the members because we put them in the heart of every programs and services we offered. The cooperative was never complacent with doing the traditional services a cooperative has to offer but we continue to innovate and keep up with the changing times, responding to the needs of our members.

Paglaum MPC will continue to think of doing something significant to the lives of our members, making a difference not only in their lives but to the community as a whole. Our members have put their trust on Paglaum thus we will not fail them. In every effort we exert we always do the end in mind- our members. Through the years, Paglaum MPC has reaped awards from various institutions here and abroad but we take this as an icing of the cake. What matters most is witnessing our members received their awards of being uplifted by their economic and social condition because of Paglaum MPC.

As we prepare for another milestone which will be the Silver year of Paglaum MPC, we will continue to provide opportunities to our members. This year we will be launching our Business Development Services providing openings for market of our member’s products, education and to kindle the member to pursue their entrepreneurial skills. This and among other new innovations will be our answer to the growing needs of our members.

We faced the past years ‘challenges with enthusiasm and vigor and we will face the coming years with the same spirit as one family united.

May God continue to guide us and Congratulations to all!


Paglaum Mutual Benefit Association, Incorporated is the first mutual association in the province of Misamis Occidental owned by a cooperative to set-up a microinsurance institution, made possible through the support and initiative of Paglaum Multi-Purpose Cooperative incorporating the mutual benefit association in the microfinance program implementation.

In behalf of the board of trustees, Paglaum MBA would like to express gratitude to PMPC’s Officers and management staff , we are proud to be part of this continuing effort and service in providing risk protection of our marginalized members.

Name Position
Delia D. Dagayloan BOT Chairperson
Arlene B. Tubias BOT Vice Chairperson
Evelyn D. Salcepuedes Treasurer
Milamel C. Marco Secretary
Delia T. Puerte Member
Papias P. Dagaya Indenpendent Board
Julius T. Yap Independent Board

Name Position
Julius T. Yap Chairman
Milamel C. Marco Member
Evelyn D. Salcepuedes Member

Name Position
Papias D. Dagaya Chairman
Julius T. Yap Member
Delia T. Puerte Member

Name Position
Carmen C. Alegrado MBA Manager
Ana Marie P. Canamo Bookkeeper
Hazel R. Bation Insurance Specialist
Alvin S. Laurie Encoder/MIS

Name Position
Mr. Gadwin E. Handumon Paglaum General Manager

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Brief History of Paglaum MBA

Paglaum Mutual Benefit Association, Incorporated (Paglaum MBA) was organized last 2009. It was born out of the initiative of the officers and management of Paglaum Mutli-Purpose Cooperative under the leadership of Mrs. Virginia S. Rosal, Chairperson and Mr. Gadwin E. Handumon, General Manager. Its main objective is to have a legal and legitimate identity that can cater the mutual services of Paglaum MPC.

A careful and deliberate process went through in the set-up of Paglaum MBA. There was a consultation meeting with the identified and reliable partner in mutual insurance services. With proper evaluation of PMPC's microfinance program, the challenge was the manner of collection on the Mutual Benefit Association whether or not to integrate the collection practices with the existing microfinance program. It came to final point when the PMPC's Board of Directors resolved and approved to eliminate the Php 5.00 weekly contributions of Members Mortuary Fund (MMF)and implement the MBA weekly contribution amounting to Php 20.00 wherein breakdown into Php 5.00 for Retirement Savings Fund and Php 15.00 for Life insurance.

The PMPC Board of Directors and Management forged partnership with CARD-MBA thru its Build-Operate-And-Transfer (BOAT) Program. The important signing on the Memorandum of Agreement took place last January 24, 2009 at Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Makati City in Manila Mr. Gadwin E. Handumon, General Manager of Paglaum MPC, BOD Chairman Mrs. Virginia S. Rosal, BOD Vice-Chairman Mrs. Rosario B. Bation, Director Luz G. Moneva with the presence of Ms. Mila N. Barcelona, Finance Officer, Carmen C. Alegrado, MIS/Insurance Officer and Jefferson L. Magsalay, Internal Auditor.

In February 2009, a series of Branch Orientation was conducted across Paglaum MPC. Aided by CARD MBA, PMPC was guided in the whole cycle of implementation. Paglaum MBA went through many challenges and made wise interventions in the implementation of the program. One main challenge was the mushroomed Microfinance players in the area. But then, Paglaum MBA withstood with the unique innovation as Paglaum MBA was channelled in the existing Microfinance program of Paglaum.

In a span of a year, CARD MBA assessed the capability of PMPC and recommended to take off and ready to set-up its own Mutual Benefit Association. It was a touching moment when PMPC finally bid goodbye to the Build-Operate-And-Transfer (BOAT) Program but has kept its institutional partnership with CARD MBA.

As agreed and approved by the Insurance Commission for a BOAT partner CARD MBA, there was a fair calculation on both parties on Sharing of Revenues Over Expenses Scheme or profit sharing with Paglaum MPC amounting to Php 7,354,205.26. The turn-over ceremony happened last February 21, 2011 held at Paglaum Livelihood Training Center. The turn-over ceremony was witnessed by the key management personnel and officers of Paglaum MPC. The fund became the seed capital of Paglaum MPC to run its own mutual benefit association and for provision for reserved on life insurance and retirement savings fund.

Paglaum MPC signed-up the consultancy services of RIMANSI Organization for Asia and the Pacific,Inc., a non-government organization to assist Paglaum MPC establish its own Mutual Benefit Association and to facilitate application, registration to Securities & Exchange Commission and licensing to Insurance Commission. The signing of the Memorandum of Agreement was done last July 9, 2010 represented by PMPC BOD Chairman Mrs. Luz G. Moneva and Mr. Gadwin E. Handumon, General Manager of Paglaum MPC. RIMANSI conducted the needs assessment, market research, business planning, operations training and planning, member mobilization, governance set-up wherein interim board was set, operational start-up and facilitate the registration and licensing with the Securities & Exchange Commission and Insurance Commission.

For the Governance Set-up, the interim board of trustees of Paglaum Mutual Benefit Association, Incorporated is headed by Delia Dagayloan BOT Chairman, Vice chairman Mrs. Jeccil Tuastumban, Treasurer Mrs.Evelyn Salcepuedes, Secretary Mrs. Milamel Marco, Member Julie Lanticse, Independent Board Mrs. Nita Morequio and Atty Oscar Abuzo. Ex-officio /Advisor Mr. Gadwin E. Handumon. And the Interim Nomination Committee of Paglaum Mutual Benefit Association, Inc. who drafted the board of trustees election guidelines; the professional team from Paglaum MPC Mr. Mark Anthony Liboon, Compliance Manager; Ms. Lysette D. Asombrado, Special Project Officer and Ms. Carmen C. Alegrado, MBA/CAC Manager.

Paglaum Mutual Benefit is owned entirely by the members who have paid their weekly contributions. It is shown in the organizational structure seeing that General Membership as its highest level. Next to general membership is the board of trustees and below it is the Nomination Committee and Oversight & Audit Committee and bottom part is the Management Team. The management team of Paglaum MBA is the main implementers of the MBA programs aided with the support of the management team of Paglaum MPC.

A wary weighing of decision was made on bearing the official name of the association not to create confusions and irregularities. It has been settled to officially name PAGLAUM MUTUAL BENEFIT ASSOCIATION, INCORPORATED. It sets the perfect tone that the association is regulate by SEC and not by the Cooperative Development Authority.

September 23, 2011, SEC approved the registration of Paglaum Mutual Benefit Association, Incorporated. Six months after SEC Registration, the Insurance Commission approved license to operate microinsurance last March 19, 2012 while the Implementing Rules & Regulations of Basic Life Insurance Product was approved by IC last November 16, 2012.

In January - February 2013 Paglaum Mutual Benefit Association, Inc., implemented the approved implementing rules & regulations that is tailored fit to the association's needs with the conduct of series of branch orientation. Amending the implementation was new IRR on the increase of Php 5.00 weekly contributions highlighting the Php 20.00 to 25.00.